Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eat, Nourish, Cleanse - Official Day 2

Oh my word, I feel awful.  I have a pounding headache, I feel bloated and uncomfortable and just generally bleh.  I know I am supposed to feel this way, and its a good thing because it means the cleanse is working but still.  There is no skip in my step today, that's for sure, and I realized I live in a very noisy house.  Everybody is so LOUD!  Do they have to SHOUT?

Today's menu:

Breakfast - sweet potato hash
Snack - cherry tomatoes and celery sticks with a dip
Lunch - massaged kale with apple salad and a left over chicken thigh from last night
Snack - fruit
Dinner - Parsnip cream soup and a piece of fish

I switched the breakfasts around a bit since tomorrow is a warm Chia tapioca-type breakfast, but I need to be out the door early so I swapped tomorrow with today, and then swapped the tapioca with something else, anything else - I can give up tea, coffee, wine and even chocolate if need be, but I have to draw the line somewhere, that line for me is eating swollen chia seeds in a vegan milk substitute.  Sorry Susan.

Other than that I have been VERY good, sterling even, haven't cheated once, not even a little!


  1. Congratulations, dear, you are in Detox for sure! You'll feel much better in a few days, after you purge all the decades of sludge from your system. Try the chia pudding! I've had it, it's actually very good! The chia seeds get really fun when you soak them!

    1. Maybe I will . . . after the cleanse. It's the look of them, they look like tadpole eggs to me. What is the taste like?