Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eat, Nourish, Cleanse - Official Day 4

I am woman, hear my roar!

Last night at our birthday dinner at the 99, I was so proud of myself.  I passed over the popcorn, did not get baited by those delicious looking fries on everybody else's plate, my daughter offered me her herb crusted bread, I graciously declined, and then I watched them all eat hot chocolate fudge oreo towers with ice cream and cream, and I didn't so much as wipe the dripping fudge with my finger.  Aren't you impressed? Jeez, I am! I just sat there thinking of all the work that has gone into it so far, the prep, the phone calls the pre-detox questionnaires, the visualizing, juggling for space in my fridge, and I realized I don't want that all to be for nothing, we have already come so far, what's one little tower of fudge?

On my way home I suddenly realized there is another enemy lurking in the tall grass, plotting to derail our carefully laid plans, and it presents itself under the auspicious name of 'Superbowl Sunday'.  Ugh.  Beer, nachos, pizza, chicken wings, meatballs, snacks and chips, bacon-everything, cheese everything else - its hours and hours of 'cleanse nightmare'.  So c'mon fellow cleansers, we have to get our game on and come up with a plan!  What steps can we take to make sure we see Sunday through without falling off the wagon?  Let's come up with a game strategy!

Today's Menu:
Breakfast - Pumpkin seed & spinach smoothie
Snack - Dates and sunbutter
Lunch - Detox herb salad with sardines (left over from yesterday, that was a BIG salad)
Snack - Apple
Dinner - Indian curry cauliflower with peas and chicken
I won.  Just sayin'.

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  1. I had raisins dipped in sunbutter and cacao nibs late last night when a sugar craving hit. It was very messy (tiny raisins) but delicious. Maybe those ingredients scan be made into a 'protein ball'? Which, btw, someone should rename other than 'protein ball' - that just sound disgusting.